Mortgage alert

  • Check current variable vs fixed rate for mortgage break penalty. Example penalty might cost $2000 vs $20000

Property alert

  • Check assignment clause for property early sale before closing. Example builder fees might cost $30000

Business visa alert

  • Check agency's authenticity for business visa. Example empty fake business exibitions might cost you $50000

Job offer alert

  • Check agency's authenticity for job offer. Example fake job offers might cost you $25000

Trading alert

  • Think about patience, long term, FOMO and portfolio. Example inexperience may cost you on average $50000

Social alert

  • Think about protecting your data. Example spammers may sell your data

Personal Life alert

  • Think about will, power of attorney and testament
  • Think about life insurance

Vehicle alert

  • Think about new car
  • Think about leased car

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